Matter Management in the Digital Age

with Upper Sigma and AdvoLogix

Author: Eilidh McDade

Now living in a post-pandemic world, we have to look at our solutions differently so they can enable the hybrid workforce. It’s going to be imperative for organisations and firms to cater to these capabilities, the cloud makes an excellent platform to do that.

Post COVID legal Trends:

  • 76% of legal professionals believe that legal services can be streamlined when conducted virtually.
  • 84% of legal professionals say they could serve their clients even better if more parts of their practice were automated with technology.
  • 86% of attorneys want flexible working arrangements to continue after the coronavirus pandemic ends, and would consider leaving their firm if such arrangements weren’t available.

(Source — CLIO 2020 Legal Industry Trends)

Being a legal specific Salesforce Partner, here at Upper Sigma we focus on large law firms and legal counsel organisations to help them with anything from matter management to marketing processes. When discussing matter management and Salesforce, AdvoLogix cannot be ignored. Their product allows for the most robust way to achieve matter management using the power of Salesforce.

AdvoLogix which was founded in 2006 was one of the first Salesforce AppExchange Partners, and have been developing and delivering for over 15 years. AdvoLogix matter management is really a ‘Service Cloud’ for the legal industry, allowing you to centralise the management of your matters and providing leading external integrations, security, and scalability. AdvoLogix also provides horizontal legal capabilities that can be used by any type of legal team. Evident through their global customer base which includes:

  • In-house counsel of Fruit of the Loom and Uber
  • Non-Profits such as NCAA
  • Significant large law firms for example Stradley Ronon
  • State and Local Government including City of Dallas and State of Indiana

There is a huge cost of inaction if we look at many of the customers we are engaging with today, they typically have on-premise solutions and what we see from a cost perspective is typical of legacy systems that support multiple point products where legal professionals are required to jump between systems in order to get their work done. These outdated legacy environments typically restrict spending to around 80% of their budget for maintenance and only 20% on innovation, whereas if you migrate to a new scalable cloud solution you are no longer held back by the maintenance of hardware, software services, on-premise network security issues. Meaning, you can focus on innovation and the actual ROI of scalable software costs.

Choosing the correct software solution will affect the collaborative efforts of firms which determine how successful they will be over the next 12 months, and 80 percent of stand-out lawyers cited remote working as a barrier to developing new business during the pandemic, further highlighting the importance of improving current CRM solutions which aid client relationships — this is something we, at Upper Sigma working alongside AdvoLogix can and have been changing.

“UK firms can emerge from the pandemic in a better position through evaluating the relationship between the firm and its clients, focusing on cross-border collaboration and adopting technology to foster flexibility, efficiency and innovation.”

Our focus is to allow lawyers to get back to focusing on what they do best which is legal work and leaving the system to automate everything else in-between.

Follow the link to see how we work together with AdvoLogix including a great step-by-step demo, hearing from Alberto Estrella from Estrella LLC on his experience, and finally a Q&A with our Managing Director, Emile Van Den Berg, and CEO of AdvoLogix, Jonathan Reed.

To watch the on-demand webinar: Click Here



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