How to navigate the Salesforce ecosystem not just this Father’s Day

We got advice from our father figures and now see how we use and translate these lessons in our Salesforce practice. See what they had to say!

Author: Meghan Van Den Berg

“Always stand to shake someone’s hand, never leave a pint unfinished, and never enter a pool by the stairs!” — Kyle Alexander, CTO

Being human, relatable, trustworthy, and honest is how we communicate from Sales to Deployment. We always up for jokes (we even do a stand-up joke every delivery meeting), a good pint after a long week but we find ourselves talking about the weather more than jumping into any swimming pools.

“Always have standards and actions have consequences.”

We follow best practices when it comes to code, project management, and Salesforce configuration. We understand that when we default, we compromise our client’s success and our own.

“Measure twice, cut once.”

This advice comes from a father and son who bonded over building items in their garage, similarly, we don’t just implement, we cycle through backlogs and define their usability and ROI, in addition, we test our work. Precision and accuracy can be the difference between reliability and consistency within a digital transformation.

“Do what makes you happy!”

Your business, your work, it is important and that makes it important to us. We have qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic Salesforce professionals, they love Astro, the ohana, and continue blazing trails to equip your business.

“Going with the cheaper option always ends up more costly or expensive in the long run.”

Sure, there are plenty of other CRM solutions, but are they scalable, release updates periodically, an inclusive community where every employee and customer can relate to? Let us not spark a debate on Hubspot vs Microsoft vs Salesforce or Apple vs Android!

“Do you need it, or do you want it?”

Salesforce can definitely do it all but one needs to inspect your requirements and develop a backlog of ‘wishes’ and ‘needs’. The art to a successful Salesforce deployment is what to include in each sprint or cycle, what do you require for an MVP and how will it impact your users? Then to schedule training for maximum user adoption after each iteration.

A fine father figure and businessman of the employee benefits space, Gary Van Den Berg, has inspired the next two quotes which were from his son, Emile Van Den Berg, our MD, and our project manager, Kyle Lacey respectively.

“Not to chase the money, help clients when they need help regardless of your gain and overall you will succeed.”

We believe in customer success, we want you to grow, let US be your #upperhand in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“Never to box yourself in.”

We always offer a low-code, click-and-drag Salesforce configuration unless the project requires it differently. Our aim is that we eliminate unsustainable legacies and ensure scalability as technology advances.

Salesforce could solve this “Reply All” problem with automated responses.

We hope you have learned something from our father figures or in general about the Salesforce ecosystem or mostly, who we are and what makes US, Upper Sigma.

Wishing all dads, single moms, and same-sex parents, a Happy Father’s Day? To those individuals who have to do it both, we see you and acknowledge you!



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